Alias God of Life and Death
Race God
Gender Male
Professional Status
Occupation Villain
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Magic Black Arts

Shadow God Slayer Magic

Ankhseram is the God of Life and Death and worshiped by ancient Mildian.


Sometime over 1700 years ago, Ankhseram cursed Zeref Dragneel with the Contradictory Curse as punishment for trying to devise a way to bring his brother, Natsu Dragneel, back to life. Mavis Vermilion was similarly cursed roughly 300 years later when she used Law to save her friend Yuri Dreyar's life, inadvertently deciding who would live and who would die. The only way to relieve from the curse is to forget the value of life, or so they thought. Kyle Afdéderk devised The One Magic to free people, as in Zeref and Mavis, from the Contradictory Curse, so that they will no longer be possessed by Ankhseram, remain immortal, and have control over their magic. The God was infuriated with the boy that he made such magic.


Alvarez Empire Arc

In X792, Ankhseram arrives to Alvarez Empire and fights off the Dragon King and the Underworld King. He puts aside the fact and decides to kill both of them. Ankhseram cancels the Ultimate Curse, so it stops the Underworld King from killing him. The Dragon King was able to overpower both of them sending the Underworld King into a portal to the Underworld and defeating the God with his Demonic God Slayer Magic. Ankhseram stood enraged and casted Death Pillar on the Dragon King. Enraging the Dragon King, it activated his Shadowed Dark Etherion Slayer Mode, all Slayer Magics, are Fairy, Dragon, God, Monster, and Devil, and elements, are Etherion, Shadow, and Dark, combined into one. Albeit to that, the Dragon King defeated and killed Ankhseram with Shadowed Dark Etherion Slayers' Raging Blow.

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