Lisanna Dragneel

Lisanna Strauss (Maiden Name)

Race Demonic Dragon God (Etherious)

Human (former)

Gender Female
Age 1,000,000,000,000+
Birthdate Year X767
Hair Color White
Eye Color Blue
Professional Status
Affiliation Fairy Tail
Occupation Mage
Base of Operations Fairy Tail
Previous Affiliation Infinity Triad

Fairy Tail (Edolas)

Previous Occupation Second-In-Command


Personal Status
Status Active
Relative(s) Natsu's Mother (Mother-In-Law; Deceased)

Natsu's Father (Father-In-Law; Deceased)

Natsu Dragneel (Husband)

Zeref Dragneel (Brother-In-Law)

Kyle Dragneel (Brother-In-Law)

Wendy Dragneel (Niece)

Larcade Dragneel (Nephew)

Claudia Dragneel (Biological Daughter)

Counterpart Lisanna (Edolas; Deceased)
Magic/Curses & Abilities
Magic Take Over (Animal Soul)Former

Fire Dragon Slayer Magic

Lightning Flame Dragon Mode

Dark Flame Dragon Mode

Fire Dragon Queen Mode

Dragon Force

Monster Slayer Magic (Etherion)

Dark Etherion Monster Mode

Curses Memento Mori



Abilities Cross Shape-Shifting

Etherious Dragon Form

Lisanna Strauss, or now known as Lisanna Dragneel, is a Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild, the younger sister of Elfman and Mirajane, and a childhood friend, but now the wife of Natsu Dragneel.


Lisanna is shown as a young petite girl with short, white hair and blue eyes. As a child, Lisanna wore a simple, pink dress paired with dark red shoes. Before being sent to Edolas, her hair was quite longer, and she wore a short, dark red dress with a white collar and bow. Up on her arms above her elbows, she wore gold rings with a pale pink fabric flowing down from them. She wore tall, black socks along with brown shoes. In Edolas, Lisanna wore a tank top with crossed straps with a longer skirt. A sash with the Fairy Tail mark was tied around her waist and she wore sandals. Her hair was also worn shorter than it was in Earth Land. After Lisanna arrives back in Earth Land, she wears a light-blue striped shirt, with green short-shorts and sneakers. On Tenrou Island, Lisanna wears light green shirt and blue pantie-shorts with a pair of purple slippers. After the 7 year time skip and during the Grand Magic Games Arc, Lisanna is seen wearing pink spaghetti shirt with a ribbon in the middle and long jeans with flower patterns on it.

Her member stamp was originally red and was located on her left arm just below the shoulder, however, as she was being sucked into the Anima, her member stamp disappeared. In Edolas, she changed her stamp to white and it is now located on her left thigh.


When Lisanna was younger, she was very kind like Elfman was as a child. She wanted to help Natsu Dragneel raise an unknown egg to see what comes out of it, being a little more knowledgeable than Natsu. After seeing a softer side of the usually flamboyant Natsu, she stated that he was a lot like her sister and joked that perhaps later she should become his bride/wife which predictably freaked him out. Whilst raising the egg with him, he learned it was "impossible" to win in an argument with her. Lisanna apparently likes animals (especially cats) but she hates studying. Because of her personality, she can easily adjust and be accepted by anyone.


Sometime during her younger years, Lisanna’s parents died. At one point in time, after Mirajane defeated the demon in her village and gained its abilities, Lisanna and her siblings left the village, being feared by its inhabitants. Eventually, with Lisanna being around eleven years old at that time, they reached the Fairy Tail Guild and, even though Lisanna and Elfman got along well with everyone quickly, their older sister continued to be lonely. In order to change that, Lisanna and Elfman learnt their respective Take Over from Makarov.

In the year X782, she almost lost her life while trying to revert Elfman after his full-body Take Over went out of control. When Elfman tried to Take Over the Beast, he lost control of himself in the new state, and Lisanna confronted him, trying to calm him down. However, Elfman's Beast Soul form hit her,sending her flying several meters away, an act which seemingly shocked Elfman enough for him to revert to himself. Lisanna is shown in her last moments holding her sister's hand, although she actually didn't die. Mirajane was tending her wounds when an Anima opened and took her into Edolas. When she regained consciousness, she found herself in a different Fairy Tail Guild. Everyone at the guild believed that she was the Lisanna they knew, and welcomed her back with a smile. From their reaction, she deduced that their Lisanna had passed away. She found herself unable to say anything, and pretended to be their Lisanna.

Edolas Arc

Upon seeing Lucy Ashley bullying who she thought was Natsu Dragion and Jet andDroy scolding Elfman, she arrives to tell them to stop. She is surprised by Natsu’s behavior towards her when he and Happy tearfully cry out her name and attempt to hug her before getting kicked by Lucy Ashley. When Natsu begins to explain that he came from Earth Land to save their companions, Lisanna is seen hiding behind the bar and eventually running outside. Realizing that he’s the Natsu that she knows, Lisanna begins to cry. Not wanting to hurt Edolas’ Mirajane and Elfman, she makes the difficult decision and decides to stay in Edolas herself.

During the battle against the Royal Army, she is seen running out along with all the guild members and fights with a staff. She cheers up Natsu Dragion during the battle. However, when the Anima begins to take the living beings with Magic inside away, she begins to glow. Lisanna tries to explain, but Mirajane and Elfman of Edolas reveal that they already knew. Elfman said that they already noticed, but just couldn't say it, and apologize. Mirajane then says that she's like their Lisanna, someone who's really kind, and thus she can't let her real siblings cry anymore. As Lisanna tearfully screams out their names, Mirajane asks her to give them their regards.

Back on Earth Land, Panther Lily finds and catches Lisanna for being a suspicious character. When everyone sees her, the whole group, especially Natsu, is surprised by her appearance. She asks Panther Lily if he is an Exceed, to which he replies by stating his name, and Gajeel angrily asks her if she is picking a fight with his cat. She then notices Natsu, and immediately runs up to him, her hug tackling him down to the ground, in blushes and tears similar as to when he saw first saw her in Edolas.

She then hugs Happy, and is glad to see Gray and Erza as well. She notices Lucy and Wendy too, and deduces they must be the Earth Land versions of their counterparts back in Edolas. Gray then asks if she's Lisanna of Earth Land, to which she replies affirmatively. Everyone is further shocked, and Happy and Natsu happily try to hug her, but Erza stops them, stating that Lisanna died two years ago. Lisanna then explains the truth to everyone about how an Anima absorbed her when Mirajane tried to heal her. Natsu asks why she didn't tell the truth when they first met, to which Lisanna says that she couldn't bear the weight of hurting her adopted siblings.

At Kardia Cathedral, Mirajane and Elfman are visiting Lisanna’s grave, two years since her apparent death. Suddenly, they are surprised to hear a voice they once knew call out to them. Turning around, their eyes widen at the sight of Lisanna running. All of them cry and hug each other for the first time in two years.

Tenrou Island Arc

After the Edolas Incident, Lisanna returns to the guild and mentions numerous changes such as Mirajane’s personality. While everyone is talking about Edolas, she joins in and mentions how Natsu's counterpart is more sensitive, cries a lot from being picked on, and is really cute. This makes everyone laugh to the point that they would have liked to see a Natsu who was the exact opposite of their own. After the regular guild parties and fights, she is seen sleeping with her siblings.

A few days later, Lisanna and Wendy watch as the guild members take up numerous jobs. During that time, she and Wendy learn that Carla now has better control of her visions, she asks her if she can see who she will marry in the future whereupon Carla answers that she can't see too far into the future yet. A day later, she watches the ceremony of the S-Class Mage Promotion Trial and is seen calling good luck to Elfman when he's chosen.

Moments after the ceremony, she is seen with Team Natsu and the others, commenting on how Natsu wants to become an S-Class Mage and find Igneel. Lisanna then decides to become Juvia's partner, due to the good relationship she has with Edolas Juvia. This makes Elfman angry as he thought she would be his. She then tells him that Evergreen has been watching him for a while and proposes that they team up.

As the participants head towards the island, Lisanna is among the group barely standing the heat. Shortly after, the master arrives to explain the rules of the first trial. When the first trial starts, she and Juvia are delayed due to Freed’s rune on the boat, preventing everyone from leaving for five minutes. As soon as the runes are released, she transforms into a fish and swims with Juvia to the island. Lisanna and Juvia choose the ‘D’ route as they get to the island and encounter Erza as their opponent. However, despite a tedious fight, Erza overcomes both of them, eliminating her and Juvia from the trial.

Lisanna and Juvia then meet up with Mirajane and Erza at a tent and hear of Mirajane's defeat at the hands of Elfman and Evergreen when they said they were getting married. While Mirajane thinks there is nothing going on between them, Lisanna still thinks that they go well together. When everyone remembers Freed and Bickslow heading back to the guild, they wonder about Mest and Wendy. Lisanna says that she had never met Mest in Edolas, so she doesn't know anything about him and asks if he joined in the last two years. However, nobody seems to notice or remember anything about him joining. She and Mirajane later presumably see the warning signal that Erza launches to issue the warning of enemies. Grimoire Heart members then arrive, and Lisanna and Mirajane dispatch all of them in their immediate vicinity. Azuma then confronts the pair, and although Mirajane tells her to get back, Lisanna says she will fight.

Azuma begins using his Great Tree Arc Magic to attack Mirajane and Lisanna. Lisanna is amazed at Azuma's incredible Magic Power, but says that she isn't going to hold back and uses Animal Soul: Harpy and tries to attack Azuma with the claws. Azuma grabs it effortlessly and Lisanna transforms into a giant penguin and tries to smash Azuma, but he evades it. Mirajane is surprised that her sister can change Take Overs instantly and asks herself since when she's been able to perform such a high level technique. Lisanna transforms by using Animal Soul: Rabbit and Azuma uses Bleve. From the smoke, Lisanna takes flight as a giant bird, and transforms into a cat in the sky. She falls to the ground and tries attacking Azuma with continuous scratches, which he evades and then counters with an explosion.

Immediately, the pair gets wounded by an explosion. Lisanna tells her sister to change to her Satan Form. Azuma, recognizing Mirajane as the Demon Mirajane from this, requests a formal battle with her. Lisanna prepares to stay and fight but Mirajane tells her to get back. Because Mirajane doesn't properly respond to Azuma, Azuma traps Lisanna in a set of roots and places a 180-Second Time Bomb on the roots, saying that the only way for Lisanna to get out is if he is defeated. Mirajane then changes to her Demon Form and begins battling Azuma.

However, she constantly checks back on the timer despite Lisanna telling her not to, thereby losing focus in the battle. After the timer hits 19, the heavily wounded Mirajane stops engaging Azuma and runs back to Lisanna, hugging her and telling her she won't let her die. The explosion then occurs, and after that, Lisanna finds Mirajane on top of her, unresponsive, and starts crying out her name. She is then seen with Levy back at the camp as they tend to Mirajane and Gajeel.

As Elfman comes with Evergreen, Lisanna says that it’s all her fault, but Levy tells her that they must combine their strength to defeat the enemy. Lisanna is seen when Panther Lily arrives, telling Levy and her that Natsu and the others are on their way. Soon after, Rustyrose shows up and challenges her along with Panther Lily and Levy to battle. She is later seen when she notices Bluenote's Magic. When Freed and Bickslow arrive, she is both shocked and happy to see them and marvels at the true power of the Thunder God Tribe.

Lisanna, along with Panther Lily and Levy, warn Freed and Bickslow to be careful when Rustyrose attacks them with his spell, Ghost of the Britear. She later collapses when Azuma uproots the tree on Tenrou Island that protects and gives power to Fairy Tail members. After Erza defeats Azuma, the battle between Freed, Bickslow and Rustyrose resumes. Cornered, Rustyrose uses the same attack he used to defeat Evergreen and Elfman, the Tower of Dingir, and Lisanna, Levy and Panther Lily get caught in the attack too. However, Elfman frees them after he is possessed by Bickslow, hitting an unprepared Rustyrose from behind. Lisanna uses her Magic to transform her arms into wings and teams up with Freed, giving him, with her legs, a boost and the strength to quickly fly towards Rustyrose and give him the finishing blow, putting an end to the battle.

After the battle with Rustyrose, Natsu and the others arrive at the guild's camp when Lucy is shock to see many Fairy Tail members were injured. When Wendy decides to use her healing Magic, Lisanna stops her and says she must not trouble herself. Natsu is shocked and relieved to see Lisanna safe and he asks Lisanna what had happened. Lisanna tells Natsu that the camp was attack by Rustyrose and luckily Freed and Bickslow fought for them. Lisanna also says that they're all out of Magic Power and she is sad because Mirajane and the others are injured. As Lisanna is about to cry, Happy comments that a cheerful character like her must always smile, to which Lisanna agrees. In order to end the war between Fairy Tail and Grimoire Heart, Natsu decides to go fight Hades, asking Lucy and Happy to accompany him. Although reluctant at first, Lucy agrees to his idea and the three are joined by Wendy, Carla and Panther Lily. Before leaving, Lisanna stops Lucy and tells her to stay close to Natsu, saying that he is stronger when he is surrounded by the people that he trusts.

After Grimoire Heart is defeated, Lisanna, with the rest of Fairy Tail, scares off the Grimoire Heart members who were about to attack Happy and Carla. After they flee, the guild celebrates their victory and returns to camp. At camp, she plays with Natsu's hair who has passed out from the side effect of eating lightning. Later on, Lisanna is being playfully teased by Laxus Dreyar, stretching her cheeks, wondering if she was really Lisanna.

Everything is interrupted when the "Black Dragon of the Apocalypse", Edolas Acnologia lands on the island and starts its rampage. Lisanna flees with the guild after Makarov defends the guild from the Dragon by himself. Lisanna shortly returns with the guild to help Makarov, though. Eventually, the Dragon flies into the air, tired of the battle, and prepares a final attack to destroy the island. All the Fairy Tail members on the island hold hands in an attempt to negate the attack by using defensive Magic. It fails as Acnologia fires its Dragon Breath, completely destroying Tenrou Island.

X791 Arc

Lisanna, along with the others, is found alive and returns to the Fairy Tail Guild after being found by Bisca, Alzack, Jet, Droy, Max, Warren and the Trimens from Blue Pegasus. She watches as Mavis Vermilion reveals that she was the one who saved them and then disappears. She, along with the other returning members, is welcomed back by Romeo. When the guild celebrates the return of their missing members, Lisanna asks Alzack and Bisca if they have any children. They reveal that they have one daughter named Asuka.

Key of the Starry Sky Arc

When Natsu and Lucy practice their dance skills in preparation for a dance ball, Erza appears and tries to teach Natsu how to dance properly, spinning him out of control. When Natsu asks her to stop, Lisanna approaches him and tells him that she will show him how to dance if he doesn't want to learn from Erza. However, Lisanna's method of teaching turns out to be exactly the same as Erza's, and she spins him like a top, with Natsu pleading for her to release him.

Later, Lisanna, Natsu, Happy, Mirajane, and Elfman wonder what to do with Lisanna's grave at the church, since she is alive. Happy mentions that he and Natsu were the ones who made it, causing Natsu to blush. Mirajane suggests keeping it as a memento but changing the inscription. The group then discusses the priest from the Magnolia church and his pilgrimage. After that, Lisanna and the others watch as Michelle arrives at the guild and explains to them why she came.

A little while after Michelle's arrival, at the guild, Lisanna, Mirajane, Macao, Wakaba, Elfman, Romeo and Kinana are discussing Laxus and his upcoming duel with Natsu. Elfman suddenly suggests that they hold a festival in honor of the showdown and they all agree on it. She later watches along with the rest of the guild as Natsu is quickly beaten by Laxus.

That afternoon, Sugarboy, Mary Hughes and Coco invade Fairy Tail, Lisanna, Mirajane, and Elfman are attacked by Sugarboy’s Dog Whistle Magic, which traps the three and absorbs their Magic Power, leaving the siblings too weak to even stand. However, they are quickly able to regain their strength and Lisanna joins her siblings in fighting against Coco. When the battle is over, Jet and Droy return after looking for Gajeel. Lisanna says that just three people are able to make them look so weak.

When they find out that they were after Lucy's memento, they find out that the memento is a part of a clock. Fairy Tail then splits into groups to find the pieces of the clock. Afterwards, the three siblings go on a picnic. While Elfman is cooking “man stew”, Lisanna asks Mirajane if is it okay to eat above a dangerous cliff, to which Mirajane simply replies with a smile.

Later, Lisanna is looking for the clock part underwater and finds a huge plug. She opens it and the lake's water transfers to the next lake. Elfman and Mira watch as the water moves and conclude that it must be Lisanna’s work. While going to Lisanna, they find the missing clock part. After a short conversation (which includes Lisanna breaking the fourth wall by saying she wanted to "appeal to the people"), Elfman goes over and pulls out the clock piece. Without any control over himself, he throws it; Lisanna asks why he threw it. Mary Hughes then steps out to take the clock piece and they see her and guess that she was following them. Elfman fights to get the clock part back, but Hughes controls and forces him to hit Mira and Lisanna, but they dodge it.

Lisanna, Elfman and Mirajane then engage in battle with Mary Hughes. Mary takes Mirajane's Satan Soul and attacks the siblings with it; Lisanna and Elfman both try to fight back but are defeated by the powerful Demon. Lisanna, along with Elfman and Mirajane, is about to be finished by Mary when Mirajane stops the attack. Mirajane uses Satan Soul: Halphas to defeat Mary, while Lisanna and Elfman watch in shock and fear. Lisanna and the others then obtain the clock piece.

The three siblings then make their way home with the clock piece in hand. However, while walking back, the aforementioned piece emits a glow. Following this, Lisanna, Mirajane and Elfman head for a desert-like area and later arrive at the ruins along with their other guild mates. Lisanna's and the others' clock pieces start to glow and come together and, upon combining, they form the Infinity Clock. Just then the Reborn Oración Seis appears under the clock, much to the shock of everybody.

As the members of the Reborn Oración Seis attack, Lisanna attempts to fight back but only ends up getting injured by Cobra's Sound Wall, defeating her. She and her guildmates are then left to die at the hands of Angel's summoning of Barakiel, though luckily they are saved by the Blue Pegasus Guild. Lisanna is then seen, fully recovered, chatting with her guildmates.

After the Infinity Clock incident is over, Lisanna is seen bidding farewell to the Legion Corps, who have been given a new mission by the Archbishop.

Grand Magic Games Arc

Whilst in the guild one morning, Lisanna overhears an argument between Macao and Romeo, the latter wanting the guild to participate in the Grand Magic Games now that the Team Tenrou has returned. As the guild members begin to get pumped at the idea of competing, Lisanna smiles alongside Mirajane as they watch Elfman scream in excitement. The guild later on decides to join the Grand Magic Games. Lisanna, together with her team mates, Mirajane, Elfman, and Cana, hikes out to the mountains to train themselves and enhance their power. After training, Lisanna and Elfman arrive at Crocus, where the Grand Magic Games are being held. Lisanna, upon Erza's request, goes out with Happy to find the missingWendy Marvell and Carla. As they search, they find Wendy's purse on the ground, but Wendy herself is nowhere to be seen.

Lisanna and Happy find Wendy and Carla besides a bush and take her to a hospital where she is taken care of. Lisanna then goes with the other Fairy Tail members to watch and cheer for the Fairy Tail team representing them in the competition. Later, Lisanna and the other Fairy Tail members are surprised to see Mavis at the Grand Magic Games. When Fairy Tail's second team, Team Fairy Tail B, enters Fairy Tail cheers again, though Mavis notices the man disguised as Mystogan is Jellal Fernandes, but accepts Makarov's decision to let him participate.

During the first event of the Games, Hidden, which Gray takes part in, Lisanna stares on in awe when Rufus of Team Sabertooth suddenly reveals himself to every one of his opponents. When the Mage then uses Memory-Make to hit all his opponents, Lisanna is amazed. The event then ends with both of Fairy Tail's teams in the bottom of the ranking.

During Lucy's fight against Flare Corona, she, alongside her guildmates, cheers for Lucy, and are unaware that Flare has Asuka as hostage to make Lucy lose.[84]Everyone is surprised when Natsu unveils Flare's attempt, but even with the exposure of it, Lucy still loses.[85] After Lucy's loss, Lisanna and the other Fairy Tail member watch Jellal fight with Jura Neekis. When Jellal loses to Jura, Lisanna and the other Fairy Tail members are in shock over it.

Later, Lisanna, along with the rest of the Fairy Tail Guild, heads to a local bar to celebrate Fairy Tail's terrible loss. The next day, Lisanna is left dumbfounded as she watches Natsu and Gajeel participate in Chariot, as both Dragon Slayers suffer from severe motion sickness, leaving them to lag behind in the last three places alongside Sting of Sabertooth. During the second day's second match, when Elfman is called to battle Bacchus, Lisanna is shocked and tells Macao and Wakaba, who openly expressed their disappointment, not to be mean. When Bacchus makes a perverted comment about her and Mirajane to Elfman, she is visibly disgusted.

As the battle commences, she is visibly worried about Elfman, as he continues to take lots of damage, but is encouraged by Evergreen. During Elfman's last ditch strategy against his opponents attack, she is close to tears, and she is extremely relieved when her brother wins. She is later seen alongside her brother in the clinic, and walks with the rest of Team Fairy Tail A and Carla back to the arena, where she realizes her older sister started her battle. She is embarrassed at Jenny Realight's wager and celebrates with the rest of Fairy Tail when her elder sister wins.

On the third day of the Games, Lisanna watches alongside the rest of the guild as the Pandemonium event begins, and cheers for Erza and Cana, Fairy Tail's two competitors. When Erza manages to dominate the event by herself, solely taking out every opponent, Lisanna screams and cheers with the crowd, happy at their victory. This only continues when Cana later destroys the Magic Power Finder in the secondary event, consequently landing Fairy Tail the two top spots for the event section of the day. After that, Lisanna team up with The Raijinshuu, spying on the members of Raven Tail to make sure they don't get up to anything during the battles. After the weeding out of Ivan's illusion, involving a depiction of him defeating Laxus single-handedly, Lisanna is shocked to see that all of the Team Raven Tailmembers were defeated by Laxus alone.

After Laxus' triumph, the Grand Magic Games resume with Wendy fighting Team Lamia Scale's Sky God Slayer, Sherria Blendy. At some point during the battle, when Wendy avoids Sherria's Heavenly Gathering of Clouds, Lisanna is seen amazed and startled with Wendy's ingenious strategy; she had healed her opponent's physical strength and as a result, the attack had overshot, missing Wendy. At the end of the day, Lisanna and her fellow guildmates party at the local bar. While there, she sighs in disbelief at how Elfman's injuries still haven't recovered, and later plays "Barrel Surfing" with Natsu and Happy.

That evening, Lisanna and the others in the guild head to Ryuzetsu Land, a popular resort in Crocus. Upon arriving, Lisanna asks Erza if her injuries have healed, which is met by Mirajane reminding her it's Erza they're talking about. After exploring the area, Lisanna states that they should've brought Elfman along, unaware that he arrived with Evergreen before she did. Afterwards, Lisanna watches in surprise as Jenny Realight steals Mirajane's bikini top as revenge for being humiliated in their match the previous day. However, the three later sit down at a table and have a normal conversation. A while later, Gray and Lyon fight and freeze the pool, with Natsu deciding to get rid of the ice by using his own Magic. Lisanna is sent flying when Natsu employs more power than necessary and ends up in the rubble next to an unconscious Mirajane.

On the fourth day of the Grand Magic Games, Lisanna stands and smiles alongside the rest of Fairy Tail as she watches the new Team Fairy Tail steps out to fight.

Later, the tag battle between Team Quatro Puppy and Team Blue Pegasus involving Bacchus and Rocker versus Ichiya and the mysterious Rabbit starts. Lisanna is seen in the audience bewildered to see that the identity of the Rabbit is the exceed, Nichiya.

As Natsu and Gajeel from the newly formed team enter the arena to battle Sabertooth's Sting and Rogue, Lisanna, alongside her Guildmates, watches the match confident of their win. The fierce battle between the Dragon Slayerstakes place with both sides intensely fighting for the win. When Sting spells his Holy Nova, Lisanna gets shocked by the explosion caused in the impact. Lisanna and Mirajane anxiously watch as Sting wants to battle Natsu and Gajeel alone.

Soon both Natsu and Gajeel seemingly fall to Sting and Rogue, but miraculously stand up. Lisanna watches in amazement as Natsu takes on the Twin Dragons alone, waiting to see who will emerge the victor. At the end of the match, Lisanna joyfully witnesses Natsu defeat Sting and Rogue alone, leaving Fairy Tail in the ranking's first place at the end of the fourth day.

When the final day of the games gets under way, Team Fairy Tail enters the arena while Lisanna stands in the crowd with the rest of Fairy Tail, cheering for the team representing their guild. However, a confused Lisanna soon starts wondering why Team Fairy Tail has not moved at all, since the beginning of the event. After the team begins battling under Mavis' strategy, Lisanna refers to it as the Fairy Star Strategy. While watching Gray battle Rufus Lore of Team Sabertooth, Lisanna notes how the latter can seemingly make any Magic he likes with his power. After Gray manages to defeat Rufus, Lisanna, along with the other guild members, cheers on the Ice Mage for his victory. Later, Lisanna wonders if Natsu and the others are fine, to which Makarov replies that they can only trust them and wait. Then, Lisanna is shocked when Mavis' prediction is wrong and Erza begins fighting with Kagura instead of Minerva. However, Minerva does make an appearance, and seeing the three powerful Mages begin to face off in a three-way fight, Lisanna comments on the unpredictable nature of the battle.

Later on, Lisanna watches in anxiety as Erza battle Kagura alone, with the latter drawing her Archenemy and causing blood to spill. Soon after, Lisanna watches in awe with the rest of her guild mates as Kagura draws Archenemy to strike Erza. Despite Erza being okay and managing to fight back after the attack, Lisanna ends up observing another tense situation when, in another part of Crocus, Rogue confronts Gajeel and begins to beat the Iron Dragon Slayer around after being possessed by his own shadow. Soon after, she also witnesses Orga of Sabertooth being defeated in a single blow by Jura of the Ten Wizard Saints, something which greatly shocks her.

Despite his strength, Jura ends up falling in his battle against Laxus, as do all of the other opponents who come up against Fairy Tail. Eventually, only Sting remains, and, knowing this, the Sabertooth Mage calls all of Team Fairy Tail to his location. Upon their arrival, Sting threatens to take them all out, and Lisanna watches in tension as he moves to attack them. However, Sting, seeing Fairy Tail's determination, ends up surrendering, allowing Fairy Tail to win the Grand Magic Games. Hearing of their victory, Lisanna happily hugs Levy, her eyes filled with tears.

Lisanna, along with the members of many other guilds, is summoned by the King, and is told of the impending invasion at the hands of the Dragons. When Evergreen states that they couldn't even defeat Acnologia at Tenrou Island, Lisanna remarks that Acnologia was a special case. Upon the King's request that the guilds join forces to stop the Dragons, Lisanna joins in on the raucous declaration of acceptance. As she stands in Crocus with the other members of her guild, a huge roar suddenly echoes throughout the town, and Lisanna watches in shock as a giant tremor hits the city, smashing a nearby building and sending debris flying. With the Dragons attacking Corcus, Atlas Flame lands in front of Lisanna and the rest of the Fairy Tail Mages. Atlas then releases a massive breath attack, scattering the Mages with ease.

Lisanna is shielded from the mighty Dragon's blast by Elfman, and when the dust resulting from Atlas Flame's Dragon's Roar subsides, both she, and her brother, are revealed to be relatively unharmed. Shortly thereafter, as Motherglare, the Dragon circling Crocus from above, sends a multitude of eggs raining down on the streets below, Lisanna looks up into the sky and wonders exactly what they are. After the demolition of the Eclipse Gates, the Dragons and Hatchlings go on to vanish from the current timeline, leading Lisanna and the rest of her Guild to celebrate in their victory.

A few days after the Dragons disappear, Lisanna, Mirajane, Wendy, Lucy and Yukino get ready for a large banquet at the Royal Palace; while her sister tries to rid Yukino of her embarrassment regarding her appearance in her dress, Lisanna, having trouble tying her corset, pleads for Mirajane to come and help her. A short while later, Lisanna and the other girls, fully dressed in elegant gowns, arrive at the Royal Palace, with Lisanna in particular marveling at the inside of the illustrious dining hall. She then sits next to her brother and glares at him as he voraciously devours a large quantity of food. Later on during the banquet, when Sting and a very drunk Kagura fight over which guild Yukino should join, Fairy Tail joins the debate, asking Yukino to join their guild instead. During this, Lisanna dejectedly points out that she and Yukino are nearly identical in character.

After returning to Magnolia, Lisanna rides into town on a cheering Elfman's back, telling her brother to stop. As Natsu holds up their trophy, Lisanna jumps for joy with the other members of the guild.

Eclipse Celestial Spirits Arc

With strange natural disasters and weather phenomena occurring around the world, jobs flood into the Fairy Tail Guild, and Lisanna, together with Elfman, ventures out to a field to drive off a terrorizing pack of beasts.

Sun Village Arc

Lisanna, along with all the other girls, takes a bath in the new bath house and marvels at its size and appearance. Washing her body, Lisanna also remarks that since they won the Grand Magic Games, the job requests have started pouring in, and then expresses her surprise at hearing Lucy state that Natsu and Gray went on a job together. She then, however, expresses her doubt at hearing that Erza is away on a job with Wendy, noticing that another scarlet-haired woman has been in the bathhouse with them the entire time. Lisanna then expresses her shock at hearing Lucy invite Flare to join Fairy Tail.

Tartaros Arc

As Elfman stares down Warren Rocko for making googly eyes at Lisanna, Lisanna tells him to stop. Later, when the fatally injured Laxus, Yajima and Thunder God Tribe are brought back to the guild, Lisanna watches as Makarov lies to Freed about the lost lives of those caught in Nine Demon Gates member Tempester's Magical Barrier Particles. Later, after Fairy Tail discusses the possibility of searching out former Magic Council members due to their status as Tartaros' targets, Lisanna listens to Makarov as he gives a speech declaring that Fairy Tail will eliminate their enemies.

Lisanna and Elfman head out to the home of ex-Council member Yuri, but arrive to find the man already dead. As Elfman examines the body and ponders how he was killed if he has no wounds, Lisanna goes to prepare a Lacrima so that they can contact the guild. Pulling the crystal from her bag, Lisanna is shocked when Yuri suddenly opens his eyes, jerks upright and points to the Lacrima, smashing it in her hands from across the room. Watching Yuri fall back to the ground lifeless once more, Lisanna and Elfman question what happened, only to be interrupted by Seilahof the Nine Demon Gates, who has been sitting watching them the entire time. The Tartaros woman stands and begins to move towards them, prompting Elfman to tell Lisanna to be careful; however, for some reason, he suddenly reaches out and grabs Lisanna by the neck, strangling her. Lisanna flails and tries to free herself from his tight grip, but Elfman seems incapable of moving his own body. Scared himself, Elfman yells for Seilah to stop whatever she is doing, though the woman refuses to cease her actions. As a result of Elfman's tight grip around her neck, Lisanna eventually loses consciousness.

Some time later, she is brought to Tartaros' headquarters. Stripped of her clothes, she is placed in a jail cell where she later awakens to find Natsu alongside her. With both of them having been stripped of their clothing, Lisanna expresses her deep embarrassment over her current state and is even more shocked upon hearing that Erza and Mirajane have been captured as well. Believing that Elfman has likely been captured as well, Lisanna grows gloomy over their state of affairs, noting Tartaros to be unlike anyone they've faced before. However, Natsu reassures her that everything will be alright, bringing a smile to her face until she tells him to stop looking at her. Despite her struggles, she is unable to break out of the Magic-sealing cuffs which have been placed on her and wonders what to do. Lisanna tries to get Natsu's cuffs off of him with her legs, only to fail, claiming that an ordinary human cannot remove them. When Natsu turns to try and take off hers, she yells at him for turning around when she told him not to, much to her embarrassment. At this point, Silver arrives and throws Lisanna a blanket, which Lisanna thanks the older man for. She then looks at Natsu, who states that Silver smells just like Gray.

Shortly after, Lisanna notices the heavy shaking of her surroundings and grows frightened. Though asked if she is alright, Lisanna does not respond, instead focusing her thoughts on her elder brother and sister. As the tremor continues, Lisanna notices something and tries to point it out, however, Natsu takes a look at Lisanna's almost-naked body, much to her annoyance. As he finally notices the sword outside of their cell, Lisanna notes that they can use it to break the chains on their cuffs. Lisanna and Natsu free themselves using the heat sword, and rush to save Erza from her captivity. After this, the two await for Kyôka and ambush her when she walks into Erza's cell by catching her arms, with Lisanna activating her Animal Soul: Cat.

Taking the Demon by surprise, the group hastily chain her up, with Lisanna demanding to know Mirajane and Elfman's locations. Stating she doesn't know who Elfman is, Kyôka does tell the group where they can find Mirajane, and Lisanna and Natsu decide to go and look for her, leaving Erza to deal with Kyôka. As they head towards the area specified, Lisanna and Natsu are spotted by some Tartaros troops, who move to engage them. Though preparing to fight, Lisanna is told to go on ahead.

Continuing her search, Lisanna eventually comes across Mirajane and happily hugs her out of worry. Asked why she is using Animal Soul, Lisanna reveals that she didn't have any clothes. Stating that she, Natsu, Erza and Elfman were captured, she explains that only Elfman is left but is soon corrected by Seilah, who states that he was not captured. Remembering her, Lisanna warns Mirajane that she can control people, who then tells her to stand back. Seilah reveals that though he blew up the building as he was ordered, nobody died and she was embarrassed as a result. Hearing this, Lisanna breathes a sign of relief. Lisanna then watches as Mirajane and Seilah engage in combat and is shocked to see that even in her Satan Soul form, Mirajane is getting overwhelmed by the Demon. Later, she is abruptly ambushed from behind by Lamy, who claims that she will be her opponent.

Showing concern for her sister, Lisanna knocks Lamy against a nearby wall and throws the Demon off of her back, recognizing Seilah's Macro as the ability that was used to control Elfman. Continuing to fight with Lamy, Lisanna questions Lamy over who the Underworld King is, and is then left in amazement when Mirajane destroys Hell's Core. Claiming that Mirajane's Satan Soul: Sitri is the ultimate Demon, Lisanna is scoffed at by Lamy who warns her not to underestimate the Nine Demon Gates. Their separate battle is then interrupted as Seilah overpowers Mirajane, blowing them all away with her unleashed strength.

Lying on the ground after Seilah's devastating attack, Lisanna wonders whether the Demon can't control herself anymore. Watching as Mirajane gets repeatedly attacked, Lisanna yells out her sister's name, but before she can do anything, she is gotten hold of Lamy one more time. Seilah continues attacking and Lisanna, unable to move, tells Mirajane to run and continues struggling just as Seilah seemingly readies for the final attack. She is delighted to see Elfman's arrival as, summoned by Mirajane through Macro, he delivers a devastating blow to Seilah, taking her down.

Later, Lisanna is able to return to the surface with her two siblings, meeting up with Warren's group. Thanks to Warren, the guild is able to make telepathic communication, but during their conversation Lisanna is the first to notice Mard Geer's interference with the mental link as she shows concern for Warren before he falls to his knees. Hearing the Underworld King's threat to their lives, Lisanna is then pulled into the surface of the mobile island. Elfman tells them to stick together, leading the three siblings to hug tightly as they as all quickly petrified in the stone; Lisanna, and everyone else, is later released from the stone by the Celestial Spirit King. Subsequently, Lisanna engages in combat with Lamy, who is able to multiply herself, in order to provide Mirajane with enough time to follow after Seilah.

Lisanna later witnesses the return and arrival of Edolas Acnologia and through the body of Wendy, Earth Land Acnologia, frightened upon the Dragon's destructive actions on the land; however, her group is distracted when the duplicate Lamy's attack. Fighting them back with Elfman, Jet and Droy, Lisanna and her friends defeat the clones as Lucy arrives at their location. The blond is happy to see Lisanna safe and explains to the group what happened to her and the others she was with, with the everyone becoming relieved when they hear that Igneel arrived to help them. However, their happiness is short-lived when Wendy arrives with Doranbolt to remind them of the countless Face bombs waiting to go off. Now disheartened, Lisanna and her friends stand feeling defeated until they are telepathically contacted by Makarov, who tells them not to fret, as Fairy Tail has it's own trump card: Lumen Historie, the frozen body of Mavis Vermilion.

Standing next to Lucy, Lisanna is shocked upon Makarov requesting that they return to the guild's basement. Albeit, she listens to Elfman as he announces that he will stay behind, expressing his sense of unease. As she and her friends make their way towards the guild, Lucy collapses beside her and Lisanna's Take-Over suddenly wears off. The group then realize that Face has activated, and that the world's Ethernano is beginning to vanish; however, before the Face bombs can completely wipe Magic from the continent, the Dragon Slayers' Dragon parents arrive, flying through all of the Faces and destroying them as Lisanna smiles in joy. Eventually, the returning Dragons regroup near the befuddled Mages, Lisanna standing next to the others as the Dragons commend them for their efforts and reveal that their time on Earth Land will soon come to an end. She later watches as the Dragons ascend into the skies and bid farewell, claiming that they will always watch over the humans. Also, seeing Earth Land Acnologia, in human form with a huge resemblance to Natsu and Wendy, defeat Mard Geer and drive Edolas Acnologia away. A week later, as Elfman mopes about causing the destruction of the guild, Lisanna tells him that its not his fault.

Avatar Arc

After receiving a letter from Lucy, Lisanna, with a new hairstyle, shows up in Magnolia Town to meet with her former guildmates. She is very happy to see Lucy again after spending such a long time apart.

Alvarez Empire Arc

With the Fairy Tail Guild deciding to reform and rebuild, Lisanna moves about providing refreshments to the workers, telling Natsu that she and Mirajane worked as wait staff for the year they were apart.[174] When she reveals to Natsu that Elfman was doing his own training separately for the past year and the two men begin to brawl, she stands to the side cheering them on.

A little later, after Gajeel forms his "B-Team", Lisanna tags along. They go in search of the other members, and the group soon arrives at Laxus' believed location. When Gajeel tells the group of their infiltration mission's dismal success rate, Lisanna is astounded. Levy then arrives, stating that they need separate teams to raise their chance of success, before asking how they could leave her behind. Later, they all head to the Pegasus Village hot springs to relax; where they meet up withIchiya, who tells them that Laxus and the Thunder God Tribe have joined Blue Pegasus, something which shocks Lisanna. When Gajeel is knocked over to the women's side of the hot springs, Lisanna is visibly embarrassed.

Lisanna and the B-team borrow Blue Pegasus' Christina to head to the Alvarez Empire and arrive at the scene of Team Natsu and the others just in time, as Laxus prevents Ajeel's Sands of Death from hitting the Fairy Tail Mages. When Elfman expresses through the speakers of Christina that he wants to talk too, Lisanna replies that he should stop it. As Laxus engulfs Ajeel in a lightning blast, Mest teleports their group inside the airship and they all proceed to leave. Inside the airship, as a reply to Gray's question why they are all here, Lisanna states that their group has done work on their own, in order to save their master. Lisanna, along with her fellow Mages, then look happily at their rescued master as he tears up over realizing what a great family he has.

Once Makarov is back at the guild, Lisanna can't help but laugh when Makarov says that he will be Master until he dies, taking the role of the 8th after Erza. When Erza asks for some star mangoes and Elfman wonders if they taste manly, Lisanna expresses that she hopes they don't. Lisanna then confidently smiles when Natsu says that they must defeat Alvarez if they want to survive and still be together as a guild. As they all prepare for the unavoidable battle, when Mira reveals that she has been training and getting stronger this last year, shocking Macao and Wakaba, Lisanna confirms this, saying that she also is much stronger. Suddenly, they are interrupted by Mavis, who intends to reveal to Lisanna and the other Mages the secrets of Fairy Heart, The One Magic as well as her relationship with Zeref. After learning of the true nature of Fairy Heart, Lisanna stands in awe of the revelation with other members of the guild. Elfman questions about Alvarez attacking in order to get Fairy Heart and Lisanna asks what for. As Alvarez commences their attack, Lisanna and Mirajane take note of their arrival.

Later, sensing that Alvarez has broken through Freed's Jutsu Shiki barrier, Lisanna and her siblings run to the source of the infiltration. Arriving at the infiltration, Lisanna knocks away a few of the enemies before Mira reveals her Satan Soul: Mirajane Seilah and Lisanna explains to Juvia and Gray that Seilah would have died had Mira not taken her over. After Mira puts most of the enemies to sleep, Lisanna notifies her that some are still awake, causing Mira to say that they will have to be dealt with the old fashioned way. Shortly after, Erza manages to deal a devastating blow on Ajeel, whereafter the latter envelops the entire Magnolia in a sandstorm, capturing Lisanna, who ends up being hugged by a dramatic Juvia. The calamity is soon ended, though, as Bisca manages to locate Erza and save her from Ajeel's grip, allowing her to use and attack with Nakagami Starlight.

As the sandstorm dissipates, Lisanna and the others notice five mechanical beings standing before them. Lisanna tries to attack one, but due to her opponent's brute strength, her efforts prove ineffective. Her comrades face similar trouble as they one by one realize that their foe is specifically designed to exploit their weaknesses. As Lisanna and the others wonder how this is possible, Wahl Icht explains that exploiting his opponent's weaknesses is the ability of his Magic, Weakness. However, Lisanna and the others determine that to defeat the robots all they have to do is switch opponents, so Lisanna takes on Elfman's speedy robot and easily defeats it. But her satisfaction over their victory is converted into concern regarding the Thunder God's Tribe safety as Kardia Cathedral is engulfed in an explosion.

In the conference after their victory against the Empire's vanguard, Lisanna is ordered to help Sabertooth and Blue Pegasus hold back the enemy forces situated to the north of Magnolia. She later witnesses the return of founder of the Magic Council, as he states he is the youngest brother of Zeref and Natsu, and Natsu is E N D. He also states his name is Kyle Afdéderk, was Kyle Nasello Dragneel, and is Wendy's biological father. She is in shock and worried that Gray might kill Natsu when he is transformed back into E N D as an Fire Devil Slayer. She sees him fight Edolas Acnologia, or Kyle Scavenger (Piranha the Massacre), in Dragon Form with Dark Etherion Dragon Mode activated.

Lisanna goes to support Natsu in his battle against the army and latter witnesses Natsu being killed by Scavenger. Enraged of Natsu's death, she obtains Natsu's Magic and transforms into Etherious Dragon Form to kill Scavenger. With Kyle putting up an illusion of Lisanna fighting, she is seen using one of Fairy Tail's 3 Grand Spells while fighting Scavenger.

When the war is over with Scavenger imprisoned, Lisanna goes back to Natsu's body seeing Wendy use a spell to save him. She is latter expelled from Fairy Tail for both using Fairy Glitter and fighting when she should be on a maternity leave. She explains her actions to the Makarov, so he does not expell her, but tells her to go on maternity leave.

She witnesses the entire continent, along with herself, being frozen in a giant Lacrima for Kyle's motive to bring everyone to the future.


In X2017, Lisanna and everyone goes their separate ways protecting the world. She and Natsu have their first born child, which is a girl named; Claudia Dragneel. With Wendy as Claudia's older cousin and Kyle as her uncle, Lisanna and Natsu decide on making the other Dragon Slayers her Godparents. Lisanna and Natsu realized that when Kyle commenced Future, they obtained Immortality with both eternal life and eternal youth.

In present day, Lisanna lives a happy life with her beloved family.

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