The Salount
Alias God of Imperialism


Race God
Gender Unknown
Age ∞ (means Infinity)
Professional Status
Affiliation Multiverse
Occupation God
Base of Operations Muiltiverse
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Relationship(s) Monstrosity (Living Part)

Apocalypse (Living Part)

Kronos (Living Part)

Extinction (Son)

Magic/Powers God Slayer Magic

Dark Magic

Cursed Power

The Salount (səˈlänt) was the ancient figure known as the first villain and first god. He was known as the God of Imperialism. He wanted to rule them all, so he created the multiverse for absolute control and power. He was also the father of Extinction


Origin Arc

In his past time, The Salount was ruling the Multiverse creating planets with the 6 Infinity Stones. He later realized he could combine the Infinity Stones together to create: Etherion. Etherion is a powerful light of destruction that has Fire as the basic element, but also has all other elements.

The Gods of Olympus feared his reign too long. They fought The Salount for a hundred year war. The Salount was defeated and split into three gods causing the Multiverse to split into different Universes that can't connect to each other. He split into the God of Creation , God of Evolution, and the God of Agriculture.


Revival Arc

In recent years, The Salount is waiting for Final Battles: Age of the Black Godzilla to face off the Dragon King himself and his allies to once again rule the Multiverse. (The ultimate war will come, X2035)

Final Battles: Black Godzilla Arc